Annandale students are excited about NBA 2k21 on next gen consoles


Sony and Microsoft are developing and releasing new, next-generation consoles, that are expected to release in early November. One of the games that are going to be on the console is NBA 2k 21. NBA 2k 21 is a basketball video game that is produced by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.

NBA 2k released 2K 21 on the current generation consoles as well, but they have received a lot of backlash from fans about the game on the current-gen console.

Fans complain that they feel like the game has not changed at all in the last couple of years. They feel like the game is becoming dull and less fun. However, 2k has been releasing a lot of news recently about new things that are coming to NBA 2k 21 on the next-generation consoles. T

his has gotten many fans and players very excited for what is coming to the newer consoles. NBA 2k gameplay director Mike Wang has talked a lot about how the changes are coming to the game. He has talked about the improvements in in-game graphics, realistic contact animations, players sliding too much, and on and off-ball defense.

“Sliding in basketball is no good. But it’s something we’ve had to live with in the past because of limitations in technology. I’m happy to say that the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 takes a huge leap in that department,” said Mike Wang.

Sliding has been a huge problem in many 2k’s in the past, so many fans are happy that it is being fixed. All the NBA 2k news has gotten many Annandale students excited for its release on the next-generation consoles.

“I am excited about better graphics, the game being different depending on your play style, and the game running more smoothly,” said sophomore Rakan Alqadi.

2k has stressed the fact that 2k21 on the next-gen will run way smoother than ever.

“I am excited about better graphics and a new ‘myplayer’ build system.” Said sophomore basketball player Keyshawn Anderson.

The “myplayer” system has been hit or miss in the past couple of years. Some fans have liked it, and others have hated it.

However, players have come to a common consensus that it could be better. Players are very much looking forward to the new system this year. 2k says that the new “myplayer” system allows so much more customization, and this is what the fans have been asking for.

However, many 2k players have their doubts.
“Bugs and glitches will happen, not everything will go right during the start of a new console,” said Rakan Alqadi.

2k is notorious for having a lot of bugs and glitches in their games. Their ideas might seem good on paper, but might not be executed well in the game. Overall, there is a lot to look forward to for 2k21 on the next-gen consoles, and fans are excited.