AHS students prepare for the PSAT


Many students recently took their PSATs on October 16th. The PSAT tested students on their math and reading skills. 

The PSAT is divided into four individual sections, two sections for reading and two for math with one math section not allowing the use of calculators. Each section has a certain amount of questions and students complete one section at a time while being timed. The overall test score is out of 1600 points, 800 points for math and 800 points for English.

During PSAT season, many students are very stressed about the big test. Many students study and prepare for the test in different ways.

One way that some students prepared for the big test was by going through the PSAT handbook and guide given out prior to the test.

“Before the PSAT, I prepared for it by going through the entire student guide. It told me roughly what the questions were going to be like and what sections there was,” sophomore Derek Le said.

Another popular way that students prepared for the test was by using Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a great website that helps students prepare for PSATs or actual SATs. It gives you practice problems on different topics and it also has a practice test to let you know what the test will be like. 

“I used Khan Academy to study before the test and I thought that it was really helpful.” sophomore Tanya Jain said. “I took a practice test on there before the actual test and I got a sense of the questions and how I might do on the actual test.”

Besides the group of students who chose to study for the test, there were another group of students that didn’t study much or study at all.

“I didn’t really prepare for the PSAT besides the work that I’m currently working on in class, which was pretty helpful,” sophomore Lynni Do said. “But I feel like I would have studied more in order to do better.”

While there were some students who thought that the test was really difficult, there were also some that thought the opposite.

“I thought the test overall wasn’t that hard besides the calculator math section,” said Do.