Beat the flu before it beats you

Four tips to prevent the upcoming flu!

Once again, the flu season is almost here. With school just starting, this means that the summer season will be coming to an end as well. This means that the days will begin to get shorter and the evenings will quickly get cooler as well.
With the start of cold weather, also comes deadly and sometimes, life-threatening germs, such as the Type A and B viruses that cause influenza, or most commonly known as the “flu.” However, it is not only the flu that you should take serious precaution in. You should also prepare for the common cold.
Due to the overwhelming amount of stress that you are facing because of school, your immune system may be affected. Thus, making you weak and likely to fall victim to the cold, or even worse: the flu. Once this occurs, you will most likely be on best rest from a couple of days to even three weeks if you are unlucky enough to catch the flu. For these reasons, watch out for every sneeze and cough that comes your way, because you are at risk of contracting nasty viruses.
Many would ask you, “Have you had your flu vaccine yet?” One must admit that getting vaccinating should always be the first step in prevention. It is your best bet in battling the Type A and Type B bacteria. However, aside from vaccination, there are also many other precautions and preparations that can be taken. To prevent future sniffles and the piling of dirty tissues in your bedroom, follow these four unusual and straightforward steps to beat the flu and the cold before it begins.


No sharing

Do not share drinks, food, mascara or even chapstick with any of your friends. They may have a mild case of the flu or the cold that you are unaware of. Due to this possibility, you should take precaution in sharing germs and saliva with your best buds, unless you want to be knocked out in bed with a runny nose and red eyes right alongside them.


Use tiger balm

Forget the chicken noodle soup and blankets, tiger balm and eucalyptus oil are all you need. In many East Asian cultures, many use these two remedies to cure clogged up noses, stomach and body aches. It works like a charm. Not only does it give off a delightful scent, but it also warms up your body. Prevent illnesses by rubbing it on your neck and chest every night.


Look, don’t touch

Due to many students touching the handrails, lockers, and walls every day, there are a million germs on them. For this reason, make sure to not touch anywhere on your face after reaching any of these locations. Use hand sanitizer after touching anything. If not, head straight to the rest room to wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.


Bring on the pillows

Get a good night’s rest by placing one or two pillows on top of one another. Propping your head up while you are sleeping assists in clearing up your nasal passages, ensuring that you are sneeze-free. Another benefit is that it is much more comfortable for your head and beneficial for your back and neck. Say goodbye to back pains and neck cramps.