How students deal with stress

How students deal with stress

Every high school student has to deal with stress.  School can stress you out in many ways. There’s the daily massive pile of homework, frequent tests and quizzes, having to keep up your social life, and so much more.

“What stresses me the most are the projects and homework, but mainly the homework,” sophomore Jin Ho Yoo-Rodriguez said.

According to statistics, 49% of students say they experience stress daily.

Although stress isn’t something that you can make disappear forever (especially in high school), there are ways that you can deal with it.

One way students deal with stress is they find a hobby or activity that you really like and do it. Many people do different things like painting, watching Netflix, playing sports, or etc.

“Things that make me stress are homework and chemistry,” sophomore Kyle Ho said. “To help me de-stress, I like to play video games and ride my bike.”

Another way that students deal with stress is they like to take a break to clear their heads. You don’t have to do all of your homework at one time or study constantly for two hours. 

“I usually take a break after every subject I do and just go on my phone,” sophomore Sajal Khan said.

Apart from things that the students do to de-stress, there are also people who help them to relax.  Spending some time with their friends and family helps them become less tense.

“What I would do is hang out with people or exercise, things that would keep my mind out of homework,” Yoo-Rodriguez said.