Stay flu free this winter

As Flu season is occurring there are many precautions you should be taking so you can stay healthy. Many times the reason for our sickness is the spread of germs. It is almost impossible not to touch germs but there are a few ways to make sure that you stay flu free this winter.
1 Vaccines
Flu vaccines are crucial to stay sick free. The flu vaccine becomes available for people to recieve as early as August. There are two types of flu shots, Flumist and needle injected. Flumist is an inhaled shot meaning there is no needle process. Many doctors highly reccomend to get the flu shot during so that you can avoid long term conditions that are difficult to overcome. When injected the immune system is prone to produce antibodies which help to fight off the flu virus.
2 Washing hands By washing your hands with soap you’re washing the germs away. If you don’t have access to a sink then antibacterial hand sanitizer is a great alternative. It is recommended you keep one with you when you’re going from place to place. In addition, when coughing and sneezing, cover your nose and mouth to prevent spreading germs to your surroundings.
3 Cleaning your area
Clean your surroundings with antibacterial wipes. When switching from class to class you are attracting and spreading numerous amount of germs. A way to prevent that is by wiping down your desk before and after you use it. When wiping your desk before you use it you’re cleaning the germs left by the person before you. By wiping down your desk after you use it you are wiping off the germs you left so the person using the desk after you does not attract them.
4 Nasal spray
Use a Humidifier or Saline Nasal Spray. By humidifying the air, it keeps those membranes from getting harmed. The quality of the air becomes dry when it gets colder. This is harmful to your body because the dry air dries out the mucous membranes in your nose. Those membranes need moisture to microbes from getting to us. It is also recommended to use a Saline Spray. Saline spray is made of saltwater so it keeps moisture in your nose. Another way to prevent getting sick is by staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water.
5 Excersice
By exercising regularly, it helps boost your immune system. This is because when exercising it increases your circulation and gets white cells moving throughout your body which helps fight infections.