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Atomic Advice: How do I make my parents less strict and convince them to give me a little more freedom?

 Having strict parents is no fun, especially if their authoritarian parenting style limits you from attending certain social events or having special privileges. Here are several ways to earn their trust and permission for those things.

Firstly, you must understand that while you can influence your parents’ decisions, you cannot change them. The most you can do is focus on changing your behavior for the better in hopes that it will convince them to give you more freedom. At most, you can change your behavior to possibly influence them to give you more freedom.

Begin by showing you are responsible. Do your chores consistently, take up more tasks without them asking, be trustworthy and maintain good grades, listen to them and follow their rules. Doing these things shows that you are consistently able to manage your home and academic obligations before asking for more leeway.

Connect with your parents. Share your interests and hobbies as well as what you are struggling with. Ask them meaningful questions to learn more about them and show that you want to engage with them without solely pushing your agenda. 

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This will allow them to understand your point of view better. and let you see theirs, as well as their reasoning for their parenting decisions. You will then strengthen your ability to calmly, respectfully, and healthily communicate, which will be beneficial later.

After gaining more of their trust, have a conversation discussing them allowing you more freedom. Explain confidentially, and in a warm tone, what you want to do. Hear out their side of it and know that whatever decision they make is most likely them trying to think in your best interest.

Respect their decision and continue being responsible because if they say no, showing diligence and a good attitude may be enough to influence them in future decisions.

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Zoe Ligairi, Lifestyle Editor

Sophomore Zoe Ligairi is in her first year at the A-Blast as the Lifestyle Editor. She is currently an AWC tutor, the founder and president of the Pasifika club and is eager to join other clubs at the school. In addition to clubs, Zoe plays Volleyball and Softball for Annandale. In her free time, she enjoys reading, thrifting, listening to music and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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