How to get a summer job

Summer break is just around the corner, and for many AHS students it means that the hunt for a good job is on now. Concerts, movies, dinners, the high price of gas; the cost of memorable summer is very high.

Finding a great job that fits your interests can be a difficult task. What is even more difficult is getting the job and going through the interview process.

There are many traits that an employer looks for in their future employees. Employers typically have several processes that help select adequate workers.

“For my job at the neighborhood pool snack bar I had an interview where they asked me all sorts of math questions and stuff,” freshman Noah Wolfenstein said.

For certain jobs you must go through other steps before obtaining the job. Summer jobs like lifeguarding and working in a hospital require special training courses.

“I took a course at the Jewish Community Center to get my life guarding certificate,” sophomore Gunnar Thompson said.

A common mistake made by many workers is getting a job that isn’t convenient or enjoyable. Picking a job close to home is very important and can save you the cost of transportation. Being able to have fun at your work place and work with people who you get along with is vital.

“I chose to be a swim coach because I love being with kids and I chose to work at the snack bar because I get free food,” Wolfenstein said.

Summer jobs take hard word and commitment. But they are also a great way to make friends and get some extra cash at the same time.