AHS’ Ultimate Frisbros

AHS' Ultimate Frisbros

Several students at AHS are trying to create an Ultimate Frisbee club called the Ultimate Frisbros. The creators got the idea of starting this club from AHS’s rival school, W.T Woodson. The students involved have created a Facebook page where kids can join and get more information. The students think that it is a great opportunity to stay active and have fun.

“I got involved with the club because I’ve always enjoyed throwing the Frisbee and I’ve always liked playing Ultimate Frisbee,” senior Dylan Van Balen said. ”I think the club is a good idea and it is fun.”

The sport of Ultimate Frisbee is very similar to ultimate football or team handball. Players cannot run with the disc and must pass it to teammates to get it down the field. The goal is for the Frisbee to be passed and caught by a fellow player in the end zone to score a point. The sport of Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to stay active and is enjoyed throughout the AHS student body.

“I want to join the club because it sounds like a fun time and I’m a bro,” junior Jae Min Kim said.

Students at Annandale High School have tried to create Ultimate Frisbee teams in the past but have never succeeded. This group of students is determined to turn this fun idea into a reality. But, the Ultimate Frisbros are still looking for teacher sponsors and need more support from students. Join the Ultimate Frisbos Facebook group if you are interested in the club.