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Students working overtime

Finding a job is no easy task for adults or teens, but many AHS students are doing their research and picking up applications to become employed. Whatever their reason, whether it be extra spending money for Friday nights or money to be saved for college, getting a job is a big responsibility and a glimpse of what adult life is like.

A lot of AHS students currently hold jobs, which takes good time management to balance working, homework, sports and time to relax with friends and family. Some students can only work weekends because of sports or other engagements, which take up a lot of time.

“I work at the RECenter once a week and due to its flexible hours it helps me balance my time between school, sports and work,” junior Jae Min Kim said.

Some students have jobs solely as something to do, but they quickly realize that having a job is a big responsibility. Working in a professional environment and having to meet expectations, such as working multiple days a week and having to show up on time with proper attire, can add a lot of stress.

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“Because I’ve been working for so long, I know what works so I can balance my time,” senior Abdul Fares said. “I’ve figured out the best way for me to make sure everything is balanced appropriately, like my grades and time for family and friends. Grades are really important and affect my work because if I have bad grades, I can’t work.”

This time of the year is very popular for sophomores who are starting to become of age to work. Juniors and seniors are also applying for jobs because the school year is starting to wind down and they have more spare time.

“I would get a job because I want money since my parents don’t pay for stuff anymore, but I can’t because I play sports,” sophomore Amanda Villafana said.

While many think that jobs look fun or have friends who hold jobs, some students want to cherish their last youth years while they still live rent-free.

“I want to enjoy my time not working while I still can because having a job is a lot of work and unnecessary stress when you’re just in high school,” junior Julia Copenhaver said.

Junior Tessa Iglesias picked up applications from many stores around the Annandale and Springfield area, with hopes that one of the places will be hiring and will allow her to work part-time and then increase her hours during the summer months.

“I went around looking for a job with some friends and we picked up a bunch of different applications from a lot of places. Because of spring sports, I want to just work weekends so that I can save money for college,” Iglesias said. Iglesias has yet to hear back from where she applied.


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Students working overtime