Roll the dice and go to Dice Burger

To my surprise, the burger joint “Dice Burger” had very juicy and flavorful burgers along with a handful of nice crispy fries. The once gas station, then failed Hispanic restaurant, and now burger joint is located on Columbia Pike in Annandale, right next to Annandale shopping center. Very local so the drive was not long at all, which is always nice. The restaurant has a very up beat vibe. When walking in, there are a lot of upbeat colors and nice decorations on the wall, also surrounded with TV’s for entertainment. Despite this, the burger joint is still pretty simple, nothing too fancy, kind of like a fast food restaurant but nicer. It’s a good place to relax with friends while eating some good burgers. The restaurant was fairly clean compared to the surrounding environment. The service was pretty good. All the workers were polite and we got our food almost right away. Unfortunately the Dice Burger does not get much attention compared to the nearby restaurants, such as Silverados. When walking in not many people were there, but they also offer carry out and many people were coming in and out to pick up their meals. Not only do they have carry out but you can also have your food delivered through there website. This is a nice plus if you are short of time and want a quick but good bite to eat or if you don’t feel like driving. When looking at the menu they offer a good variety of different types of burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and even BBQ ribs. Plus salads and appetizers to start off with. I got the Mushroom Swiss burger, which was very tasty and cooked well. Also the fries were very good and they provide a good amount to go along with the burger. The pricing is okay, a little high for something’s but nothing outrageous. Pretty similar to how much Five Guys cost. Overall my experience at the Dice Burger was pretty good. I would give it a ⅘ because of the good burgers and relaxing vibe. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking for a new and unique burger joint that’s local and not too expensive.