Please don’t hurt yourself

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine have become forums for discussion, new trends, photo sharing and clicking the “like” button. A new craze in dangerous Internet challenges has prompted numerous safety concerns for teens risking injury for a few more likes and retweets.

New Internet challenges are being invented by attention seeking teens on a regular basis. One of the most dangerous challenges currently on the web is the fire challenge. 

Believe it or not, the challenge involves a person covering their bodies with alcohol or other flammable liquids, igniting it and then attempting to extinguish the flames as quickly as possible. Videos of participants are recorded and shared on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. 

Participating in this challenge has led to deadly consequences. One teen in New York failed to put out the fire and died from his injuries.

First off, what kind of person in their right mind would want to set themselves on fire for attention? Teens need to understand that what they’re doing is plain and utter stupidity. 

In this day and age, it is not a surprise that peer pressure and the desire for “Insta-fame,” entices teens to submit to foolishness. Fortunately, many AHS students have recognized the dangers and have expressed their disapproval of what others are doing online. 

“Well I’d have to say that a dangerous injury for something as idiotic as an online challenge is truly repulsive,” junior Casey Nguyen said. “Getting burned really hurts. I hope if when they get burned, it will help them realize that their ways are dangerous and should never be done again.” 

Teens need to keep in mind that there are people that will not be impressed with their gross disregard for their own lives. Nowadays, there seems to be a thin line between fun and danger. It’s important to remember that nobody is invincible and that something done for amusement could affect someone for the rest of their life. 

“If [people] have the time to do stupid things like setting themselves on fire, then they should put forth the time into studying or something productive,” Nguyen said. 

However, not every AHS student has realized how unsafe many presumably simple”Internet challenges can be.

Sophomore Tara El-Achi recently tried the salt and ice challenge after seeing videos circulating on Vine. She regrets ever taking part in the challenge.

Rubbing salt and ice on skin causes the skin to freeze similar to frostbite. 

“”I wanted to see if it would actually hurt or burn but now I regret it because it was stupid and left a mark. Some people do it for attention and others do it for the thrill of trying,” El-Achi said.

As of now, it looks like no internet challenge is safe, not even the popular ALS ice bucket challenge

Videos on Facebook and YouTube capture participants getting buckets full of ice water dumped on their heads and coolers thrown in their faces.

In addition, many people are taking the challenge to extreme proportions in hopes for attention that it completely defeats the purpose of charity and awareness.

An 18 year old male in Scotland drowned after jumping into a deep quarry as part of an elaborate stunt linked to the bucket challenge.

How did pouring ice water over one’s head suddenly turn into a deadly stunt?

People need to stop playing with their lives for someone else’s entertainment.

Although Internet challenges are meant to be harmless laughs, it is important be informed of the risks and simply say no to dumb dares.