Experience fall at nearby farm

Cox Farms offers rides, mazes and pumpkins

Experience fall at nearby farm

Cameron Foti, Weekend Editor

Screams, creaking doors and heavy breathing is what I heard as I first entered one of the famous Cox Farm haunted mazes. I didn’t know what to expect.

This was my first time at Cox Farms, the field was bigger than expected. I purchased my ticket online in order to avoid the crowded lines.

There are three types of tickets: Fear Basic ticket, Fear Plus+ ticket and Fear Deluxe ticket. The Fear Basic ticket includes admission to the Firegrounds and one Dark Side Hayride. The Fear Plus+ ticket includes admission to the Firegrounds, one Dark Side Hayride, plus one entry to Cornightmare (Scary Corn maze) or one entry to The Forest. The Fear Deluxe ticket includes admission to the Firegrounds, one Dark Side Hayride, one entry to Cornightmare, and one entry to The Forest. I bought the Fear Plus+ ticket for $25 because I didn’t want to have to spend $30 on the Fear Deluxe ticket.

Even though I had purchased the Fear Plus+ I was able to still do all the attractions because there weren’t that many people and their workers were nice people.

After we got our bright orange wristbands to verify our entry, my friends and I went into the Cornightmare. I didn’t know what to expect because I had never been to Cox Farms, a haunted house or scary maze before.
The maze wasn’t what I expected at all. I expected there to be fake props and a few scary characters but there were trailers, houses and buses that you enter with characters inside them that would pop out when you least expected it. To finish off the maze, there was a masked man with a chainsaw that chased you away.

Next we went on the Hayride which I thought was a letdown. After the maze I was expecting the ride to be scarier but it wasn’t. The hayride lasted about 10 minutes and had stops where clowns and other characters would come out and try to scare you. The hayride was fun but not too scary.
Cox Farms also has a karaoke stage, a bonfire, food, drinks, pumpkins, apple cider and other choices. They have a huge selection of pumpkins, squash, pies, kettle corn and other fall items at the Festival Market. The market requires no admission fee so if you need some kettle corn or a pumpkin, you can go there.

To finish the night, we entered The Forest which I was told is the scariest experience at Cox Farms. The Forest felt like the corn maze but all the scary aspects were different. The Forest had more characters set out to scare you and had houses that were dark and hard to find your way throughout.
My favorite part and the one I found to be the scariest was still the Cornightmare because the characters were dressed better and placed at better spots.

Overall, Cox Farms was a super fun experience for my friends and me. It was nothing that I expected in a good way. They also offer many options for the people who don’t like to be scared which makes it a fun experience for all.