What’s In A Name

Ave Clyburn, Staff Writer

Annandale prides itself on our school’s diversity. Within our school’s ethnicity we have students with very unique names with interesting meanings as well. With such interesting names comes the reasons why a person was named it.

“I like my name, it means bless and happy in Hebrew and it’s also a boy name. My parents liked the name and my mom wanted her first born to be named Asher” said Asher Campbell.

Sophomore Puneet Sharma said “My first name means pure and holy spirit in Hindi. My cousin named me Puneet because he had a best friend named that too so he wanted to name it for me”.

There are many perks to having a unique name but some of the downfalls of having one are getting your name spelled wrong on your Starbucks drink or as senior Asher Campbell said “No one has never heard it before and I can never find a keychain for it”.

Senior Abbey Yareb said “People think I’m a girl at first when they see it and I have to correct them. My life would be easier if I had a more basic name, I wouldn’t be mistaken for a girl”.

“People joke around with my name and make beats with it, it’s actually pretty funny I like it. My name made my life more joyful”.

Sadly some people have been bullied because of their unique names.

Sophomore Anoosh Tauqir said “At the beginning it was  kind of hard because people always made fun of it” “But then I realized everyone else has a pretty basic name and then I was like I’m pretty special you know” .

Names have effect on who you are as a person. Your name is the definition of how you see yourself.

“If I had a different name I feel like my life would actually be pretty different, but I like having a unique name. I feel like if my life would be a little bit more simple. My name means happy, my parents named me that because they wanted me to be happy. I think that affected my life because I am a happy person” said Tauqir.

Sophomore Rawand Elhawa said “My name is a type of rose and other languages and cultures it means wind. My name makes me unique and it’s something different not something basic. If I had a basic name it would feel weird and I’d feel very simple.”