The Migrant Caravan: Why it’s a problem for the US


The migrant caravan has thousands of people march from Honduras to the southern U.S. border in hopes of being allowed entry into the United States while illegally crossing national borders. The men, women, and children marched 2500 miles starting on October 13.

Elias Moura, Editorials Editor

With a vast majority of Annandale being of immigrant descent, all eyes are on the large migrant caravan approaching America’s southern border.

This is a serious issue for the United States

A group of Central Americans climb a wall on the border between the US and Mexico as others try to bring it down. This was taken near the El Chaparral crossing in Tijuana, Mexico.

and one issue that the U.S. doesn’t need. Thousands of migrants from Honduras and surrounding nations have gathered and marched through Central American and through Mexican borders and security to get to the U.S. The migrants have been receiving travel help from civilians.

I believe we as a sovereign nation, need defensive borders. A country with no borders is no country, and I stand by that. We can’t allow people from other nations to just cross into our borders because they feel like it.

We all feel sympathetic for these people, it’s human nature; however, the United States should not and cannot have the responsibility to take in anyone who wants to enter, without a vetting process and reasons such as work skills that would benefit the country.

Marching through the border forcefully isn’t the solution for these people. Mexico kindly offered asylum for the migrants but they declined, beggars can’t be choosers.
Trump has responded by providing more border security on the Mexican-American border, which caused mixed emotions for some reason, with people questioning the cost of it.

Trump has stopped funding governments such as the Central American ones that are corrupt and produce a bad state for these migrants to run away. The migrant caravan members are now demanding delusional reparations. One of the groups is demanding that each of them receive $50,000 or else they expect immediate entry to the U.S.

What’s sickening is that the parents bring their children into a field of tear gas and begin to complain. Having a child next to you doesn’t give you the right to break the law. The parents just end up endangering their children and themselves.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and President Trump vowed to halt all foreign aid to the region if the caravan wasn’t stopped. President López Obrador ordered $30 billion to go to the development of Central America to act on the mass emigration.

I believe this is a proper response to the situation. The U.S. has laws and principles that we need to follow such as illegal entries through the border and the ability to deport people.
Mexico offered hundreds of migrants refugee status, later on, the interior department reported thousands of refugee applicants.

They all have the right to apply for such status, however, they have no right to illegally cross borders to apply for it. I believe Trump and the officers did a good job in bottling up the caravan to control it. Dozens of arrests have been made at the border from the caravan.

These are people wanting to escape their defective situation; however like already mentioned, the sovereignty and principles of the U.S. doesn’t allow us to take precedence over running the country and domestic issues.

The continuing acceptance of the flooding migrants will have the best economy in the world dwindle. This is because letting thousands of undocumented, unvetted people that have no skills or anyway to benefit the economy and the country will take jobs and resources. Having a vetting process for them will allow the U.S. to pick and choose people that will work, pay taxes, and benefit themselves and their American peers.

Democrats have been using the immigration issue here against Republicans in a way that makes it seem like they’re against Latinos and Hispanics; they want to defend the border over letting them in. Everyone wants a strong, secure border, even Latinos in America want to live with secured borders.

Senator Lindsey Graham spoke on the issue, “Do you want to be the country of people that run ya up and down the halls and spit on ya? Or do you want to be a country of Republicans that’ll actually deliver for working families, that’ll put good judges on the court, that’ll stand up against the enemies of this country. Nancy Pelosi will welcome the caravans here. Donald Trump and the rest of us will stop them.”

This isn’t out of a lack of sympathy, it’s because we need to abide by the rule of law in this country. The mainstream view of people flooding into the country being okay is wrong.
Instead of worrying about migrants which have plenty of other options to stay, worry about homeless veterans, a valuable education, or how to benefit the environment.