CAVA review


Elena Leopold, Weekend Editor

The three friends who began CAVA, a Mediterranean style restaurant, started the thinking process with one belief: Food brings people together. The founders wanted to make food that was healthy, but also delicious and affordable to the average person.

These ideas began one small restaurant in Rockville, Maryland that quickly grew into a popular chain with locations all over the country. In recent years, it has gained popularity as well as changed in style.

At every CAVA in the nation, the food remains the same, but changes seasonally. 

CAVA offers customizable grain bowls, pitas, salads and soups with ingredients that are locally sourced. 

You start by choosing a base (bowl, pita or salad). Then you continue down the ingredients line and select your proteins, dips and other toppings. 

I always get the grain bowl when I go and top it with rice, falafel, grilled veggies and feta. 

Being able to build your meal is one of my favorite aspects of CAVA. It is another restaurant that is perfect if you’re someone who is selective about what you eat, or who has specific dietary restrictions.

Another cool thing about the restaurant is their drinks. They make seasonal beverages and all-natural fountain sodas that are like nothing I’ve ever had before. 

CAVA has a unique style and I like the food a lot. It has a lot of options, yet remains true to the authentic Greek roots that its founders wanted. CAVA is also in the right price range ($8-$10). It is affordable if you want a quick meal, but the quality is still good. 

There are lots of locations in the area, but the closest is in Kingstowne. It is open every day of the week from 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

CAVA offers different flavors and foods that you should definitely check out.