Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness changes EVERYTHING


Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness dove deeper into the multiverse and the possibilities it brings. It also confirmed something called an incursion which is the destruction of Earths in the multiverse. This is a huge deal because this would open the doors to an eventual Secret Wars adaptation as the next big story arc in Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the incursion is just a small tease of where things could be headed as Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff disrupt the flow of the multiverse. But where do the incursions come from and how does this set up Secret Wars in Phase of the MCU?

The incursion was first referenced and introduced in Johnathan Hickman’s Avengers/New Avengers run where the Beyonders had this plan to destroy the multiverse using the Molecule Man as a multiversal bomb and would detonate him causing an incursion. The Molecule Man is a universal construct where in every universe, the Molecule Man’s origin is the same where Owen Reese accidentally creates an uncontainable cosmic cube that bursts energy into him. Doctor Doom figured out the Beyonders plans and travelled to an Earth with the Molecule Man to to stop the Beyonders plans; resulting in that Earth’s Molecule Man being killed and starting an incursion with the destruction of that Earth. Black Panther notices another Earth floating over Earth-616, the main Marvel universe. From there, Black Panther reassembles the Illuminati to discuss what an incursion is and how to stop it. The incursion is the collusion between two Earths caused by one Earth being destroyed creating a domino effect on other Earths. The only way to stop the incursion is by destroying a colliding Earth. 

The incursion in the multiverse is a huge deal because it perfectly sets up a Secret award adaptation which has been heavily speculated to be the next big story arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Secret Wars is a popular Marvel comics story that has been continued in four stories: Secret Wars (1984) and Secret Wars II written by Jim Shooter, Fantastic Four issue #319 written by Steve Englehart, and Secret Wars (2015) written by Johnathan Hickman. Secret Wars (1984) is primarily about the Beyonder where the Beyonder summons Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains to Battleworld. Doctor Doom steals the power of the Beyonder and the heroes and villains must band together in order to defeat him. Secret Wars II and Fantastic Four issue #319 is primarily about the Beyonder and the Molecule Man as they both are essentially one in the same, with their power being equal to each other. And in Secret Wars (2015), heroes and villains of Earth-616 fight against Earth-1610, the Ultimate universe, in Battleworld created by God Emperor Doom: Doctor Doom with the power of the Beyonders after Doctor Strange, Molecule Man, and Doctor Doom used the rest of the Molecule Man throughout the universe to destroy the Beyonders. 

While a Secret Wars adaptation in the MCU would make for a great story arc and film, the problem with doing Secret Wars is the MCU still has established the existence of cosmic entities. Cosmic entities within the Marvel universe play a key role in the multiverse. The Living Tribunal for example, first introduced in Strange Tales issue #175 written by Jim Steranko, is the living embodiment of the multiverse. He was created by The One Above All as a judge for the multiverse who makes sure balance is kept throughout the multiverse. The Living Tribunal is a key character that still has yet to make an official debut in the MCU, though he is an easter egg in Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness as Doctor Strange and America Chavez travel through multiple universes where floating Living Tribunal heads appear. 

The future of the MCU is looking great as one of Marvel’s most iconic events might be the next story arc moving forward in Phase 5 of the MCU. Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness is officially released exclusively in theaters.