Gamestop dies for a better future


Many people are quite familiar with the popular gaming retail store GameStop. Growing up, most people bought their video games from stores like GameStop, Target, Walmart and occasionally online. There would be lines stretching around the building every time a new game would come out.

“I used to go to GameStop a lot when I was younger and I got most of my favorite games from my childhood from there. It’s sad to see so many of the stores closing but at the same time, I think it’s for the best and it’s time for them to move on,” sophomore Danny Tran said.

A few years ago it was common for people to buy their video games from stores. Now, the majority of people purchase their video games directly online.

Consoles like the Xbox and PS4 offer online stores such as the Microsoft Store and the Playstation Store. This allows them to directly buy and play their games instantly from the comfort of their homes.

It makes sense after all, would you really want to wait hours just to play a brand new game?

Also, when buying games in stores, they usually only offer them on discs which get scratched and damaged. So if you break it or lose it, you just lost your money unless you pay $2 for a protection warranty that lasts one year.
When purchasing online, the video game is connected to your Microsoft or PlayStation account, allowing you to have the game forever without the risk of it being unplayable.

Buying your video games online might be better for the gaming audience, but not for GameStop. Since the majority of people have switched to buying their games online it’s created bad business for GameStop because nobody is buying anything from them.

GameStop has already shut down 195 stores this past year due to the lack of revenue. The number of stores possibly closing is unknown. GameStop has yet to disclose this information.

GameStop has stated that they are set to close 195 stores in the coming months. Since August, 120 people have been laid off. It’s hard to tell how many more people will lose their jobs but this is a heading sign that GameStop will go bankrupt.