Spring weather in the winter season

The long awaited spring weather has finally arrived, the only issue is that it’s inconsistent. The climate of the east coast has always been perplexing, especially in Northern Virginia. One week it’s cold one week it’s warm so it makes it extremely difficult to keep up with.

The constantly changing temperatures make it difficult to do simple things such as picking appropriate clothes for the weather. It also affects green days and practice schedules for sports that take place outdoors. Not many people understand how draining it is to have to put on a winter coat after it was 65 degrees the day before.

The constant change of weather and sudden heat has a lot to do with climate change. About four years ago the world’s temperature was the highest on record. This leads to strange weather patterns during seasons where it’s typically meant to be much cooler.

This winter was quite disappointing because of the lack of snow. The warmer temperatures prevented snow from sticking to the ground and made it feel like the winter was being cut short.

The official start of spring doesn’t begin for a few more weeks but the mid 60 degree weather makes people think otherwise. Although this may be the case on some days, the grueling winter weather still makes its appearance.

“The weather makes it really hard for me to pick my outfits around this time of year because I never know if I should wear a coat or a t-shirt.” sophomore Iman Hamdela said.

This is probably the most frustrating time of year for students because the weather gets in the way of conditioning outdoors for the spring sports season. The constant rain and wind can cause practices and green day’s to be cancelled. This is a huge problem because all spring sports are played outdoors.

Many people like warm weather. So when it finally comes, they try and get the most out of it. The warm and refreshing temperatures encourage students to get outside more and enjoy the weather.

It’s not often that perfect temperatures as such come around. Throughout the year it can either be too hot to enjoy a day in the sun or too cold to even stand outside for a few minutes. This is why it’s important to take advantage of the days where being outside is enjoyable.

As spring approaches faster, the cold temperatures will start to diminish. This also means that rain showers are going to become more prominent and summertime will follow shortly after.