Five tips to stay focused while working from home


In the midst of distance learning, it is hard to stay focused on schoolwork while at home. There are many distractions that can pull students away from their assignments like phones and games. It can be tough to channel the same amount of focus as one would in a school environment.

Here are some tips to stay focused while working from home.

1. Establish clear working hours

Establishing clear working hours gives you added focus and motivation, and keeps you from giving in to distractions. Whether your working hours are during the day or late at night, this will help you stay productive and keep a healthy balance between work and relaxation.

2. Have a dedicated workspace

Not everyone has an office or desk and that’s okay. All you need is a space where only work takes place. When choosing your space it is important to not pick your couch or bed. This will only distract you further. Choose a comfortable chair and table.

3. Change clothes

While it is very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, it can make you feel like you are not working, leaving you open to more distractions. Make a point of getting dressed every day, just as if you were going to school. Your clothing could be the factor that actually boosts your productivity and motivation.

4. Take breaks

During work, it is important to take breaks to get up and move around. Exercising during breaks can help improve mood and increase energy.

5. Bribe yourself

Reward yourself for good behavior by doing something you really enjoy. Promise yourself that you can do that thing, but only once a particular task or project is done. The anticipation for your reward can increase productivity and focus.