Everything you need to know about the iCarly Reboot


Our all time favorite childhood show, iCarly, announced their reboot planned to set on June 17th airing on the streaming service Paramount Plus. The hit series originally starring Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jenette McCurdy aired on the Nickelodeon channel from the years of 2007-2012. 

While majority of the iCarly cast begin to reenact their roles to produce the relaunch, except Jennette McCurdy who played the role Sam Pucket in the original series. McCurdy expresses her reasons for “quitting acting”, she admits her past acting roles were embarrassing. She also mentions she felt “ashamed” of the character she played on the show.

Most fans will be disappointed when hearing the heartbreaking news, that perhaps their personal favorite actor won’t be returning with the rest of the cast. 

“It won’t be the same without Sam Pucket, she brought comedy to the show”, junior Shada Ibrahim said.

Will Pucket’s absence cost granting the reboot a chance for some viewers?

Although Jennette McCurdy won’t make an appearance, fans can look forward to new faces playing exciting roles. New faces include actors Laci Mosley playing (Carly’s roommate and best friend) and Jaidyn Triplett playing (Freddie’s stepdaughter). These new actors make room for hopefully a new and improved plot.

“I’m not convinced the reboot of iCarly will strike the same as when I watched on Nickelodeon when I was younger because my mindset and sense of humor has changed drastically”, junior Olivia Epperly said.

Unfortunately, chances are the existing fans will not be as entertained when viewing the reboot compared to the original iCarly.

“I’m hoping this reboot allows me to experience nostalgia from my childhood”, freshman Lydia Hailu said. The hope that fans of the original series will watch to produce memories of their youth might motivate previous viewers to give the reboot a chance.

Those who connected with the iCarly series in their childhood question whether the reboot will hit home since they most likely matured since iCarly first premiered their original series in 2007.