Poparazzi app is a huge hit

Poparazzi app is a huge hit

Many teenagers have been raving about a new app called Poparazzi. It’s been on the low for a while now, but is it really worth the hype? Many users on TikTok claimed that it was going to dominate over Instagram’s huge platform and become the new best social media platform. Thousands of people pre-saved the app as they anticipated its release. 

Poparazzi is an app where you make an account, your friends make an account, and then you can post to each other’s account’s, but not your own. I personally pre-saved the app and was very excited for the release, and it’s currently made its way to the top of the app store. 

My first thoughts when I opened the app were about how quick my friends were able to find my account and follow me, but I soon realized that anyone who you have in your contacts that has the app will automatically get a follow from you, and you will automatically get a follow from people whose contacts you’re in. However, it tells both of you that you followed each other first, which I find quite strange and a little uncomfortable. You may not want to follow everyone sometimes, but at the same time, it also adds to the app’s fun, when you can see everyone’s unfiltered, raw pictures, taken by others. 

The app itself, once you get your friends on, and you start posting to their profiles, can be very fun. You can take funny pictures, and let everyone else see. You are also not allowed to comment on anything, or add bios, but you can react with emojis. Adding to your own profile isn’t allowed either. 

Overall, I think this app is pretty cool. It could have a few adjustments to some things, such as the following people without your consent issue, the layout of viewing the feed of people you follow or not being able to post videos. Overall, I think the idea behind the app is awesome, and it will be big for the summer. It allows people to see another side of everyone, and shows what’s going on in the moment. I like how selfies and filters aren’t allowed either. The more people that get the app, the more entertaining it will be.