What Samsung’s foldable phone means for the future of tech

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

During Samsungs Developer Conference, Samsung revealed something they are working on that could change the tech industry forever, a foldable Smartphone. While this may seem like a phone with a basic gimmick just to sell it is the exact opposite, if implemented right it could offer features that no other phones can.

There are some limitations that a foldable Smartphone can fix from regular phones, such as only having one screen size or having a split screen.

Foldable Smartphones can have two screen sizes because while its folded it is a small portable screen for basic Smartphone usage such as texting but unfold it, and it becomes the perfect device for watching videos or playing video games.

This form factor can also solve the problem of a really bad split screen experience buy just simply folding the screen in such a way where both sides have screens running two different apps can result in a much better split screen experience.

“[This is] a step in the right direction for flexible technology,” sophomore Abraham Belayneh said.

Samsung also announced that they will be releasing this for public release sometime early next year. What Samsung displayed was a prototype with the folding process looking to be more clunky than smooth.

While Samsung is the only company so far to reveal this kind of technology, their competitors will be closely watching this to see if there is a demand for these kinds of devices.

Something Samsung anticipates about this technology is that they will hopefully improve on this technology enough that is could become the norm and be improved in the future.