Passover Q&A with chemistry teacher Deborah Maletz

Q: What are some Passover traditions that you and your family do?

A: We have two Passover Seders. We don’t eat bread for 8 days. This year, we made Passover crafts, we all eat together, and we make special foods. My husband made chocolate fondue, I made cinnamon cake, also known as crumb cake. My aunt came from Chicago and Georgia. My cousin came from Connecticut. 


Q: What are some foods you eat for Passover?

A: Matzah ball soup, Matzah; which is a type of bread, and beef brisket. 


Q: What are some unique stories about Passover?

A: My mom was making Matzah ball soup. It was really sticky, so she had to take off her wedding and engagement rings. At the festive meal, she had to ask everyone to cut their Matzah balls in half, so they don’t swallow the ring. No one had the ring in their Matzah balls. Two weeks later, my brother found the wedding and engagement rings and my mom was elated.


Q: Would you recommend any of these traditions/foods to people who celebrate Passover?

A: Yes! Matzah is really good, especially the gluten-free Matzah. My kids all love Matzah ball soup.