Popular local singer/songwriter releases long-awaited EP


Singer Chelsea Lee’s new album showcases her rich vocal ability and meaningful songwriting.

There are few voices in this world that can make something simple seem so meaningful, but artist Chelsea Lee has been managing to do this for many years.In a world where music exists primarily of heavy beats and edited voices, the 20-year-old singer/songwriter’s music beholds a voice powerful enough to simply be accompanied by a guitar. Her voice is so pure that it’s very much able to carry it’s own without synthesized beats and poppy “oohs” or “ah’s.” Lee’s talent makes these things unnecessary.I first started following Lee’s musical career three years ago, around the time when she first was signed to Atlantic Records. Lee had been discovered at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia; a place common to the area and around the nation where popular touring artists perform shows for eager listeners. After being discovered performing with Mary Ann Redmond by the venue’s manager, Daniel Brindley, as a teen, Lee would later go on to continue playing shows around the East Coast, opening for artists such as Rosanne Cash at The Birchmere and headlining shows at Rockwood Music Hall in Soho.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a matter of a few years since I first personally caught onto Lee. Now with the release of her album’s EP finally out for all to hear, it’s clear why Lee has the full package to make it in the music industry. Besides from the amount of soulfulness and clarity Lee’s voice rings out every time she so beautifully hits a wide range of notes, the music on Lee’s new record holds it’s own as both catchy and meaningful. Atlantic Records had sent the young talent to London to write some of the album with Grammy-winning producer, Martin Terefe. He has been known for producing such artists as Train and Jason Mraz.

One of the most exciting and eager parts to Lee’s new album is her pairing up with Jason Reeves, a well-renowned singer/songwriter most notably known for writing with artists such as Colbie Caillat and Kara DioGuardi. Their songs “All I’m Looking For” and “Perfectly” on Lee’s EP create a perfect combination of beauty, clarity and meaningful songwriting that keeps me going back to the replay button time and time again once the songs have finished.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Lee live for the first time at Jammin’ Java, where her voice so captivated me as much as the beautiful lyrics of her songs did. Lee hardly needed to even move from her one part of the stage to keep this captivation, as it’s just her mature stage presence, her voice, a microphone and her guitarist accompanying her by her side.

It was only near the end of her set that Lee played one of her most recognizable songs, “18 and Alive,” which just happens to be the name of her new album. I found myself singing along in my head to the words, even before the song had begun and Lee confessed, “This is my favorite song in the whole world.”

Mine too, Chelsea.