NBC’s newest “Smash” hit

Katharine McPhee plays Karen auditioning hopefully for the role of Marilyn Monroe on the show.

Katharine McPhee plays Karen auditioning hopefully for the role of Marilyn Monroe on the show.

Forget “Glee” and graduate to a whole new show about the realities of making it in the performing art world. NBC’s “Smash” is living up to its namesake as television’s new hit every Monday night at 10, putting a spotlight on the incredibly famous, but universally harsh world of making it in the performing art industry.

Produced by Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg, the show revolves around Karen (American Idol’s Katharine McPhee), an aspiring performing artist living with her politician boyfriend in the heart of New York City. Presented with the opportunity to try out for a new musical on Broadway revolving around Marilyn Monroe’s controversial life, Karen tries out for the role of Monroe. From the first audition, the audience follows Karen as she is greeted with the immediate hardships of an aspiring performing artist—many other talented artists popping in and out of the audition room, insensitive directors who could care less about personal conflicts, and the overall competitiveness of the industry.

Despite its likeness to “Glee” as main characters cover songs to emphasize their own personal conflicts, “Smash” takes a different turn as it relays a more realistic version of life for characters trying to make it on Broadway. But besides from covering songs, “Smash” also showcases original songs from the Broadway musical about Monroe that the show revolves around.

From the first episode, it is a hard not to be moved by various characters journeys on their navigation through putting the musical on, especially for someone who has dreamed of being part of this business in any way. The show produces a rational view on what the industry is like and how even with talent, nothing is guaranteed to happen for someone wishing for their big break.

Also starring Academy Award winning actress Angelica Houston and Will and Grace’s Debra Messing, the show is certain to continue to live up to its namesake as TV’s newest “smash” hit.