Singers accepted into All-State


Carina Chu

Seniors Katie Mock, Paula Naanou and Katerina Magiafas performing at a concert.

“I wasn’t worried about “Oh Danny Boy,” our audition piece, but I was a bit worried for the sight reading piece,” senior Andy Riddle said.

Riddle is one of the five seniors who were selected for All-State Chorus. The other seniors are Paula Naanou, Katerina Magiafas, Katie Mock, Andy Riddle and Stephen Oakes.

All-State Chorus, hosted by the Virginia Choral Director’s Association (VCDA), is a state-wide chorus that selects only the best singers for every part, per choral district. Junior and senior choir students from every school in each district are eligible to try out. This includes students from the AHS chorus, which had several of it members make the All-State Chorus.

“I think All-State will be really fun,” Riddle said. “I think it’ll be a great experience.”

The accepted choir students will perform at a high school in the Richmond area with other high school students from all around the state.

“I believe my students will do very well,” chorus director Jessica Irish said. “They’re strong musicians and talented vocalists, and I know they’ll bring their A-game, and have a great experience there.”

The students who were selected will participate in the event and concert, however a few alternates were also chosen from AHS. If any openings are found for their vocal parts, they will also be given the opportunity to attend.

“I don’t want someone to not be able to go, but if someone couldn’t, it would be exciting to be able to participate,” senior alternate Leila Soulen said.

AHS has had students be selected for All-State Chorus, either as singers or alternates, every year. In addition to continuing this pattern, there is also an increase in the number of selected students for this edition of the All-State Chorus, in comparison to last year’s.

“We have more singers going this year, I’m positive of that,” Irish said.

The event will take place from April 25-27, well after the All-District Chorus, and during the end of college semesters. “I feel like I’m well-prepared, and I hope it’s time well-spent,” Riddle said.