Museum spotlight: Torpedo Factory


andrew nunez

The opening doors to the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

During WWI the U.S. Navy planned on constructing a torpedo factory to assist them during the war. The construction began at the end of WWI, production of torpedoes weren’t needed until WWII began.

After WWII was over, production of torpedoes came to an end In 1969, The Art League president had plans for making the factory into studio space for artists. After five years of work and construction, the Torpedo Factory Art Center was open to the public.

The Torpedo Factory is an open art gallery that allows artists to demonstrate how they create their works. When they are completed, they sell their pieces to anyone who is interested. The Factory also has artists that provide classes to teach their techniques and their skills.

The classes vary from all different forms of art such as sculpting, painting, drawing, wood engraving, jewelry design and much more.

“You can watch the artists work as they paint in one of the many studios and even buy their original works,” junior Georgia Chow said.

The Torpedo Factory is an excellent place for any artist who is trying to improve their talents, or who are just looking for any interesting pieces of art to buy.

“It’s awesome, I got to see some creative pieces and some very interesting sculptures,” junior Kevin Aviles said.

Art products that are available to buy are jewelry, paintings, drawings, wooden sculptures and glass designs. The Factory is also great spot to spend time with a girlfriend or a boyfriend and see the unique and beautiful art!

“It’s like going to an art museum but the artists are right there for you to talk to,” junior Olivia Shawish said.

There are some artists that will do a requested art piece that you may have for them.

Some interesting upcoming events areĀ  fall classes, that will begin Sept 21. There will also be an exhibit on a collection of frames from the 19th and the early 20th century from Nov 5-29.

The Torpedo Factory Art Center is an amazing place to be for creative minds that want to express themselves through art, and for those who want to witness others express themselves.