Artist Spotlight: Junior Diana Villaroel


Maryam Dereje, Arts Editor

1. What projects are you currently involved in?
I am currently involved in the choir program, band program and theatre program. I’ve done tech for theatre productions, sang in the choir and been active in the marching band here at AHS.

2. How long have you being doing any type art?
The arts have been a part of almost all of life. I’ve been involved in music for almost 10 years. I started with piano lessons and gradually grew towards other areas of music, including choir and band. Theatre was a passion I discovered in high school.

3. What is the best part about what you do?
The best part about being involved in the performing arts is the people. Almost all of my friends have come from the arts and everyone is accepting of who you are, no matter what your story is. It’s also a safe haven for anyone, you can walk into any rehearsal, performance or reunion, leave your problems and worries at the door, and focus on making amazing music.

4. Do you have any upcoming projects?
I have our spring musical, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” coming up in April, where I will be acting and designing tech as well. I’m at all the choir and band concerts as well.

5. What lead you to start what you do?
Things that lead me to start performing was going to a professional band concerts in 4th grade, and seeing these people dedicated to music, inspired me to continue in the arts. I also just wanted to be involved in some extracurricular, and since I’m not the best at sports, the arts seemed to be right.

6. Do you see a future in art?
Thought it would be amazing to counties in the arts, I definitely would like to pursue my love for engineering in the future for my career. The arts is definitely something I would like to minor in and continue throughout my life.

7. What was the scariest part?
The scariest part of deciding to be a part of the arts was the fear of not being accepted. I was afraid that people would look down on me if I didn’t live up to their standards, but I learned that it doesn’t really matter how amazing you are at something, if you’ve given it your all you’ve already done better than most people.

8. Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a profession in arts?
My advice for anyone wanting to start in the arts is to go for it! Almost everyone in the choir band and theatre program are incredibly accepting and are willing to teach you anything you want to learn. There’s something for everyone in any of the arts, from building giant sets for the musical, to playing percussion in the band. There’s always people there for support, so give it a try.