Artist Spotlight: Junior Alex Ohene-Okae

1. What do you normally draw?
I try and draw everything, I do a lot of portraits. I mainly do this in my free time, but I have a lot of friends that are also into art, so we sometimes play art games such as pictionary.

2.When have you started to draw?
I started to really focus on my art in 9th grade. Originally, art for me was a way to cope with depression, after a while I just fell in love with the way drawing made me feel and it made me want to explore the field as a whole.

3.What type of artist are you?
I think I’d rather call myself experimental, I really have my foundation as strong as I want it yet.

4.Why do you like art?
I like art because it connects me to the world and those around me, and offers me new perspectives. I feel like art shows a side of people that can’t be revealed by words or actions, it shows how you interpret the world and potentially something couldn’t have thought of myself.