Cappies program underway


The Cappies are a student driven organization that combines journalism and theater. The organization reviews high school theater productions to promote exposure for both the production and the writer.
The organization gives students and schools a chance to be recognized for their outstanding work and performances. Three to nine students meet together to take part in pre, mid and post show discussions about their thoughts on the performances. After the show students individually work on their review of the production. The Cappies gives a chance for student’s critics to be published in local press.
“I think Cappies is important to high school theater departments because Cappies really highlight the hard work and dedication it takes to be in the arts and also brings real world aspects into our theater department,” senior Jewel Coulter said.
“Cappies is important for high school productions because it creates a collaborative environment where high school theatre can be shared and celebrated,” sophomore Nhi Nguyen said.
An annual event held at the end of the Cappie season is the an awards ceremony held at the Kennedy Center. The ceremony includes a chance where nominated shows can perform a song from their production to the attendants of the event.
During the ceremony Actors, technicians and others involved in the production are recognized for their performances by receiving awards. Awards are chosen completely from the students which is unique to the Cappie Program.
After a show, Cappies work together to score the production from it’s technical aspects and actors performance.
Before Cappies could attend a show to review they had to attend two meetings on the different rules of cappies and how to write a review. This year’s meeting was held on zoom and included high school students from all over our chapter.
On Fri. Nov. 12, seven student critics went to their first show of the season to review . They went to the production of The Mousetrap performed at Justice High School.
Students from many different schools meet in the Cappies lounge to engage in their pre, mid and after show decisions to help them form their review and express their opinions.
After a show students then form their review based on what was said during their discussions throughout the show. Based on which night students see a show students only have less than two days to get their reviews submitted for a chance at publication.
Students Morgan Milman and Nhi Nguyen reviews from the production of “The Mousetrap” were selected for publication in local press.
“ I wanted to be a Cappie because I am very knowledgeable about theater and I like to write so I thought it was a great opportunity to see free shows and possibly be published. Plus Cappies is just a really great community and you get to meet people from all over the DMV,” Coulter said.
“I think Cappies is important to high school theater because it puts a lot of emphasis and spotlight on student work that often gets overlooked,” second year Cappies sophomore Morgan Milman said.
“I wanted to be a Cappie because it’s a combination of two of my interests, theatre and writing,” Nguyen said.
AHS Cappies team plans to see four more shows throughout the year to meet their requirement of five shows per student. To read a review of “The Mousetrap” Written by AHS Cappie Nhi Nguyen scan the code.