Winter Orchestra concert turns heads

Orchestra kicks off this year’s series of winter concerts, performances



Students play violins and violas during the winter orchestra concert held Dec. 7 in the auditorium.

their annual winter concert. Their performances consisted of many different songs from the classical orchestra, philharmonic orchestra, and symphony orchestra.
The performance also included a piece from the Pride Time Orchestra which is a group of students who come together during their pride time period to work on additional pieces of music
“Pride Time Orchestra is composed of students who are assigned in my Pride Time. I gave them the option to either use it as homework time, independent practice time, or we could learn more music. They chose to learn advanced techniques and learn extra pieces for the concerts,” orchestra director Anne Ray said.
The piece “Ice Sculptures” performed by the philharmonic and symphony orchestra seemed to be a piece that stuckout to many students and audience members. The song featured three soloists Chalini Vlcan, Thien Phan and Shi Ying Zhao.
“The solo was very fun but there were a lot of people so I got scared,” Phan said.
“It was a piece we worked hard on and it turned out great. It was a piece that was very moving as it captured many emotions throughout,” symphony orchestra cello player Hector Alvarez said.
Covid took the ability of live performances away, so students are very excited for the long-awaited opportunity to be able to perform again.
“The concert went extremely well – I am so proud of the hard work the students put in. We had less than 10 full classes to put together a winter concert and they pulled off some really difficult music and did it well,” Ray said.
“My favorite part about performing would have to be the ability to be able to express myself through music which is a very big part of my life.” Alvarez said. “While performing I would be able to feel the music and move along with it, this being one of the best feelings a performer could get.”
“My favorite part about performing in concerts is being able to hear our songs on the stage. The music always sounds different in the big room and when we’re on the stage there are completely different acoustics then in the classroom. This is always so interesting and so much fun to hear,” symphony orchestra viola player Keria Dalrymple said.
A tradition the orchestra director Ray, brought from previous teachings called a “Big Woo,” Where during the last song of the concert all the orchestra students from every group perform onstage altogether.
“My favorite part of the night was being able to play a Christmas carol with all three AHS orchestras. It was a good way to unite us all and end the night,” philharmonic orchestra cello player Colin McGee said.
The orchestra concert was beautifully done with much variety in the pieces played and displays the hard work of the orchestra students very well, If you missed the concert the orchestra has many upcoming events.
“Upcoming events include Pizza and Pizzicato in mid January, where we have students from the elementary schools and middle schools work with us and The United States Army Band ‘Pershing’s Own’ members,” Ray said.
“Our Pre-Assessment concert is in early January and we are hosting Assessment for the district later in the month. You will also see us in the halls caroling before break and performing for Poe Middle School on Friday!”