Artist Spotlight: Senior Michael Bekele


When did you start your photography?
“I have thought of photography as a passion since middle school. But I really started getting into it during freshman year when I took my first photo class with my favorite teacher Mrs.Stevens. She currently doesn’t teach here but she’s the one who inspired me to become interested in photography and film photography.”
How do you become inspired?
“When I take my photos my inspiration would probably be just community because my theme of taking pictures is street photography. Like how people live their lifestyle and I used that during covid to inspire me to do most of my featured artworks.”
What is your favorite piece of your work?
“My favorite piece of work would probably be my Vegas photos I took during the Covid pandemic. The city is known to be very big and full of people who come in and out, but during that time it was all very empty. Like all the streets were empty and cars weren’t there so structure wise it was really good for street photography because I liked how the building and the light looked when it wasn’t as crowded.”
What does being an artist mean to you?
“Being an artist means getting inspired as well as inspiring others. I try to inspire people with my work as I get inspired through their work and photography. Art in general is inspiration rather rather than creating new ideas because most of the other ideas are already out there. But adding on to them and branching out with your own form of art is what photography is.”
Where did your passion for photography come from?
“My passion for photography comes from my eyes. I can focus on significant things, I could be sitting somewhere looking in one direction thinking wow this could be a really good angle and perception and capturing that really means a lot to me which is another aspect of photography I love.”
What is your favorite part of photography?
“My favorite part about photography would be editing and playing with colorings and the ability to turn a really bad photo into a really good picture with just a couple of tweaks on lightroom or photoshop. I really like that aspect of photography when It comes to digital, but when it comes to film my favorite part is producing the film like going through dark room work where we use different chemicals to expose the photo with the enlargers, I really love that part of film photography.”
How do you share your work with others?
“I actually don’t share my work with others, I tend to do my photography for my own sake and enjoyment and never really branched out to promotional work and instagram. I do it for my classes and for portfolios I make for myself.”

Do you have any advice for other young artists?
“Art is within you, so really try to expose your inner self through art which will really make your own art much better and stand out with any type of artwork whether it’s paint or 3D work. So take out what inspires you and something you believe in and put it on whatever type of art you want.”