Artist Spotlight: Senior Yasmina Seveney


Smile Drug: This one tackles the use of drugs to dissociate from reality. I wanted to create an artwork that looks like an advertisement that’s been vandalized to show the true meaning behind it and the negative effects.

When did you start creating art?
Ever since I could hold a pencil, I would draw whatever I could. Eventually, I started to draw the cartoon characters I saw on screen, and once I finally learned English, I shared my art with my classmates.

How would you describe your style of art?
Honestly, it depends on what I want to draw, but for the most part I combine realistic and cartoonish styles accompanied with bright vibrant colors.

What mediums do you use when creating art?
I used to use watercolor for all my art. Then I transitioned to using a drawing tablet and now I mainly use digital art. It’s really easy to use, and considering I make millions of mistakes when I make art, it’s a lifesaver for me.

Is there anyone specifically that has inspired you or your work?
Yes, not only am I inspired by the tons of talented artists that I see online, I am also inspired by my family. My grandma and my aunt are both artists, so they were my main inspiration for some of my first art pieces.

What inspires you?
Honestly, so many things inspire me: video games, shows, movies, nature, other peoples art, and idk a bunch of other stuff.

What is your favorite piece you have done
Probably my deer piece (Wake Up Before You Forget How To), it was super fun to do the backgrounds!

How do you incorporate art in your daily life?
Art has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve taken art classes, a RISD pre-college animation course, and draw as much as possible everyday.

How do you share your art?
I share my art through social media, it’s the fastest way for me to show others my artwork, especially since most of what I make is digital art, aside from the sketches I make at school.

What is your favorite part about creating art?
I love being an artist for the pure reason that I can make whatever I want and can express myself through my art when I have trouble explaining myself through words. Also, no one can tell me that I’m doing something wrong. With math or science, I have to make sure I use the right equation or solve the problem correctly. However with art, I am free to express myself however I choose. I could create the most cursed and terrifying drawing and no one can say otherwise.

What does being an artist mean to you?
Being an artist is to simply create something original, to bring an idea into reality.

What other advice do you have for other young artists?
Keep creating art no matter how bad or cringey it is, also color burns and overlays are your best friends when it comes to digital art.