How to stay creative this summer

While school can help students stay creative through the range of electives, extracurricular clubs, and the creativity required to excel and problem solve in class.
But sometimes school can do the complete opposite and drain you of your creativity with the overwhelming amount of work, stress and hectic schedule school often bring.
We sometimes forget to put ourselves and our minds first in the mix of chaos.
Summer brings a great opportunity to finally put ourselves first and try new hobbies, allowing for a wider freedom of self-expression without judgment from your peers and more blocks of free time to experiment with your interests and passions.
With the ending weeks of school ahead and the summer days approaching rapidly, now is a great time to begin to start a new hobby.
While there are so many new and interesting hobbies to try, it is hard to find one you enjoy and want to stick with. Sometimes trying something you never expected to enjoy ends up becoming a long-lasting passion.
Try creating something like a drawing or painting, you could even try fiber art and pick up knitting or crocheting, or even creating art through makeup, style, or music.
If creating something might not be your style try getting into different movies, books, or music. You could use applications like good reads or letter box to keep track of your favorite books and movies and even write reviews for them.
Not only is it great to find a new hobby that interests you and could be something you stick with, but using this time away from school peers is a great time to experiment with style and different forms of self-expression.
Whether it’s through a style change, getting a new piercing, a new makeup look, or even dying your hair.
Now is a great time to do things you have always wanted to do but maybe haven’t had the courage to based on fear of judgment or lack of time.
Self-expression and individuality are often lost in the school environment so getting time off is a great way to start finding things you enjoy and change the things you want to change.
As summer starts we sometimes find ourselves bored with the lack of schedule but this can be a great time to use this new block of free time we wished we got during the year to experiment with your different interests and passions.
Getting the time to finally do something you truly love and enjoy is a great, beneficial way to spend your time.
However you plan to spend your time this break I hope you use it to experiment creatively and find something you enjoy doing.