Crochet club donating creations to children

AHS very first crocheting club has big plans

A new club has sparked a great interest among students. With a classroom overflowing with students and a line out the door on the very first meeting. The popular club that brought all these students after school was Crochet For Cause. 

The new club was started by co-presidents Sadiksha Gurung and Nardose Delelgn. It’s a crocheting club where students have the service learning opportunity to create crochet projects that will be donated Local Cancer patients. 

“All products made throughout the year will be donated to children’s cancer hospitals such as Inova or Kaiser medical centers,” Junior Co-President Nardose Delelgn said.

Students can join the club regardless of their prior knowledge of crochet. This club provides a great opportunity not only to learn how to crochet and create a personal creative outlet and hobby but to also help children battling cancer.

“We’ve always been interested in crochet as a hobby, and using such skill to help others who go through difficult circumstances seemed like a great idea. We’ve always wanted to help cancer patients, especially children going through pain in any way possible even if it’s not significantly in the most extreme way,” Junior Co-President Sadiksha Gurung said.

“We wanted to establish a crochet community at Annandale where students can not only develop their crochet skills, but simultaneously make an emotional impact on young kids fighting strong disease. Who deal with stress and sorrow in their day to day life feel joy sparked my interest.”

The great turnout surprised many as the impressive popularity of the first meeting turned heads. 

“We were extremely surprised by the outcome of our first meeting because although we had a good amount of people that signed up for the club, we weren’t expecting the majority of them to show up. We felt ecstatic and inspired to have so many people feel as passionate about this club as we do,” Delelgn said. 

Crocheting has made a big comeback to generation z. Most of the students joining the club have a strong personal interest and skill of crocheting Prior to the club. Students discovered the hobby through a number of ways, some through tiktok or other social media, a family member or through the rise of popularity and comeback of crochet fashion.

“I personally got into crocheting because while my mom taught me the basics, I wasn’t able to grasp it at a young age, so a few years ago when I saw crochet clothing pieces I liked, I felt determined to create one of my own,” Delelgn said.

The club has many big ideas and looks forward to its future opportunities.

“We are most excited about getting to know everyone and building a community with people who share the same interests as we do. Additionally, we look forward to starting our first project, planning fun activities, and accomplishing future events successfully,” Gurung said.

“Crochet for a because plans to meet 3 times a month on Thursdays To ensure members have enough time to work on projects, as well as allowing everyone to build friendships and grow with one another through interaction,” Delelgn said.



Anyone who’s interested in Crochet For A Cause can join by emailing co-presidents Sadiksha Gurung and Nardose Delelgn at [email protected] or [email protected]

Furthermore, they can join the remind @h42ebd8 and follow the club instagram @cfac_annandale to stay updated on club meetings and other opportunities.