Students interested in entertainment industry: Michael Segrecci


Junior Michael Sgrecci is the top french horn player in the school and is part of All-State Band.

He hopes to aspire to be a professional French horn player and to play in either a professional orchestra (such as the National Symphony Orchestra), an opera orchestra (such as the Metropolitan Opera), in a pit orchestra for a show on Broadway or playing in recording studios for movie soundtracks. He is currently instructed by members of the National Symphony Orchestra.


Q: How do you see your career progressing after high school?

A: After high school, most classical musicians continue their education in college at music schools within larger universities or conservatories (schools that do not require you to take general education classes to complete your degree).

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to pursue the career you are interested in?

A: To pursue a career as a classical musician, you have to be extremely dedicated and willing to practice for two or more hours every day. If you don’t like to practice, you should probably choose a different career. Also, always love what you do and love the music that you create! If it is not in your heart, you are not going to put all that you possibly can into your music.

Q: Who were your musical influences ?

A: My influences include my dad, who was a professional trumpet player for 30 years; my private teachers, who play in the National Symphony Orchestra; and many directors I have played with.