Phenomenal Night with the Weeknd

Overview of the Weeknd concert

On Oct. 5th, thousands of residents from the DMV area gathered under the Constitution Hall at 7 pm to watch the Weeknd perform. This upcoming artist swoons this fans with his dark lyrics and high ranged vocals, which was translated at the concert. Hundreds of people arrive at the venue waiting in a line that stretched around the Hall. Fans came through with a dark hipster look or Kissland t-shirts, which resembles the genre the artist conveys.

As we enter in the building, fans were able to buy drinks, food, cds, and clothes before the show. The concert hall was dimmed and dark. The only light available was the ones from the usher’s flashlight and the strobe lights on stage.

The opening acts did an excellent job warming up the audience. DJ Anne Lunoe was first to come out. She remixes the Weeknd and other artist with her own beats, keeping the fans upbeat and anxious for the show to come. Singer Banks later comes on stand and sings five songs from her album with energy and a voice that put fans in a trance. As an upcoming artist, many of the fans did not know of her but that soon changed after her performance. Both artists compliment the Weeknd’s music and were great choices for the Kissland tour.

After two hours of anticipation, the Weeknd starts performing around 9:30. He starts off the show with one of his songs from his album Kissland as fans jump out of their seats with cheers and chants.

Visual Arts were a contending factor to the vibe of the show. Strobe lights, puffs of smoke, and several flat screens with images of oriental women and clubs all tied in with the Kissland theme.

He then sang a few of his songs from his new album, such as ‘You Belong to the World’, ‘Love in the Sky’, ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘The Town’. Though his album came out a few weeks in advance, some fans were unfamiliar with his songs from Kissland. The Weeknd does a commendable job showcasing the album as hundreds of fans buy the album after the concert.

Before Kissland, the Weeknd recorded a three part album called the Trilogy. This freshmen album groused thousands of sells and contains his most popular songs. Knowing this, the artist dedicates half the show to his previous album. The audience screams and chants with him to songs such as ‘Wicked Games,’ ‘Loft Music’ and ‘High for This’.

As the concert ends, the Weeknd concludes his night with cd signings. The few fans that brought their Kissland cd copies cry and rejoice as they were able to meet their beloved musical.

Overall, the concert met or exceeded fans expectations. The concert was a perfect showcase of himself and did not disappoint fans.