We’re The Millers makes an impression


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In a hilarious yet interesting match of Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston somehow work well together in the film We’re The Millers.
In the movie, Sudeikis plays a drug-dealer who is forced to turn to drug smuggling after he is robbed. His boss, Brad Gurlinger, played by The Office’s Ed Helms, tricks Sudeikis’ character, David Clark, into smuggling tons of drugs into the US from Mexico telling him to give the Mexican dealer the name, Pablo Chacon.
In order to easily get in and out of Mexico without being noticed by customs, Clark enlists the help of his stripper friend Rose to play the role of his wife, played by Aniston. Knowing that will not be enough, Clark also adds his teen neighbor Kenny to be his “son” and young runaway Casey to be his daughter. They are now ‘the Millers’.
Kenny is played by up and coming English actor, Will Poulter; Casey is played by Emma Roberts, best known for her role in Valentine’s Day.
In my opinion, every one of the actors casted played their part perfectly.
I was surprised to see that “girl next door” Roberts took on the role of the bad girl better than I expected. Another surprise was Aniston. Known for her bubbly role as Rachel Greene on the hit 90’s show Friends, Aniston shows off her raunchy, inappropriate side.
At the border, the Millers run into another family who they eventually run into on their way back from Mexico. Throughout their journey, the Millers find themselves actually turning into a real family; especially when Kenny lands in the hospital after he is bitten by a spider that came with them from Mexico. By that point, the audience has already grown fond of the fake family but like many other movies with similar storylines, someone leaves and breaks everyone’s heart.
In this case, it was Clark, who left Kenny in the hospital while he went to deliver the drugs to Gurlinger. Again, just like in every other movie, Clark realizes he made a mistake and turns around.
Despite the average storyline, the crude humor and little burst of heartfelt jokes here and there really make the movie different from any other.
Although many online critics gave this movie low scores, I am confident that We’re the Millers deserves nothing less than an A.