Was a new Avatar movie on your 2022 bingo card?

Just when we thought 2022 wasn’t going to hit us with another curveball, it does.

On May 9, the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water dropped unexpectedly. An astounding announcement for a series that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2009.

Looks like James Cameron hasn’t shaken off that blue people fever, even 13 years later.

Set to release in December, this new movie sees the Na’Vi and Jake Sully taking on an ancient threat, one that requires the former soldier to take up arms against the humans. 

The trailer itself goes to show how far CGI has come in the industry. Compared to the CGI of yester-decade, this movie takes its scene design to the next level. Pandora’s environments continue to reflect the same fantastical and breathtaking visuals as first seen all those years ago.

Truly, it’s the definition of eye candy.

Stunning visuals aside, what are we to expect from the overall plot itself?

Besides the ancient threat, the trailer also shows the family that Jake Sully and Neytiri have started. When taking this into consideration with the nomadic status of the Na’Vi, survivalist family drama is a sure-fire possibility.

Cultural differences when it comes to parenting could cause the star-crossed lovers to get into a kerfuffle or two throughout the movie. Additional shenanigans by their children could also cause some potential events to happen between their parents, the humans, and the ancient threat.

This is all speculation. We have no concrete details about how the exact plot will turn out and what interactions will be had between the family and the rest of the Na’Vi.

What is confirmed, however, are more movies to come.

That’s right, Avatar: The Way of Water isn’t the only sequel we can come to expect from James Cameron. In fact, there are three more movies lined up for future release.

Avatar: The Tulkun Rider is set for 2024, Avatar 4 for 2026, and Avatar 5 for 2028. 

While these are projected dates, needless to say, we aren’t out of Pandora just yet.