Crazy Night with 2 Chainz and August Alsina


Hundreds of citizens across the DMV came together for the 2 Chainz concert at the 9:30 club on March 24th.
Fans waited in line that laid across V street in D.C. Majority of the crowd wore their graphic 2 Chainz shirts and/or a twisted gold chain which went with the artist’s persona and look. As the doors opened at 7pm sharp, fans rushed and shoved to get in and to the front.
The venue holds concerts with general admission tickets so this gave anyone the opportunity to stand front close and personal with the artist.

The concert did a phenomenal job entertaining and pumping up fans. The first opening act was a DJ from Baltimore who constantly mixed the latest hip hop jams for the audience. Later, local artist such as Katarofee and DJ Scream came and turned the energy up the next level. 2 Chainz brought out all the new upcoming acts from D.C. to this show that night which made it all that more special.

Once the crowd was pumped, hip hop vocalist August Alsina came on stage with countless roars and screams. The Southern artist just came on the scene this year and already has multiple songs on the radio such as “Numb” and “Ghetto”.
He pleased everyone as he sang his biggest hits such as “ILTS” but also connect with the audience once he opened up about his past and family as he sang songs like “Downtown” and “Nobody Knows”.
Alsina is immensely better in concert because he’s able to go more into his vocals and emotions which earned him more fans that night. Knowing that Alsina was skyrocketing in the business, 2 Chainz made an excellent choice for his official opening act.

After such anticipation, 2 Chainz finally arrived on stage at 10pm with the building rumbling in cheers. This was the last stop in his “Based on a TRU Story” tour so his energy and hip brought most of the audience back to life. From the night, he performed all his biggest hits such as “I’m Different”, “No Lie”, and “Birthday Song”. Each song he sings is based on his actual life (name of tour), so he had large T.V. screens in the back that shadowed many of the events in his life that correlated to the songs. One of the most noted and unique thing from the concert was his ability to take time to talk to fans and tell hilarious stories. I personally left the show with a sore stomach due to laughing at all of them.

Overall, the show met my expectations of energy-filled entertainment and good vibes. It was definitely money well spent.