The older generation getting “hip”


Recently, there has been a trend going around for the older generation, getting “hip” to the current generation.

Accounts like “Granny Winkle”, which is an older woman who is acting like the younger generation and even dressing like them, has started to post pictures doing activities that younger teens would do.

The account has many posts showing the grandma doing common poses such as the “duck-face.”

The NBC news show host, Brian Williams, has also started to do this. Videos have been uploaded with him where there are different excerpts from different moments of him on the news, and they are strung together to make a rap song.

The rap songs often have to do with very teen-like things, such as partying. The last one released was called “Gin and Juice.”

The videos are uploaded by the account “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and the videos are huge hits almost instantly after they’re uploaded.

The older generation also has started to get “hip” to Apple products that younger people use on the daily. Although, some of these people do not know how to use these products and continuously ask their younger relatives/acquaintances for help.