Legion shows X-Men belong on television

FX and Marvel’s new show Legion premiered Feb. 8, and it may have been the best first episode of a Marvel TV show yet.

It focuses around the X-Men character Professor X’s son, David. He is schizophrenic, at least that is what he is diagnosed with, and does not seem to know how to control his mutant powers.

The episode centers around his time in a mental hospital, where he honestly does not seem very crazy.

He is calm, but just seems a little nervous around others. After some time a girl named Sydney is admitted to the hospital, and is very big on not letting anyone touch her. He falls in love and they begin to start dating, but never touch.

When she is finally allowed to leave, David kisses her, causing a weird explosion to occur, injuring many patients, and causing the two to switch identities.

This is where the show gets confusing. They somehow become the same person, or she dies?

It really isn’t clear what happens, but it seems like she dies. Then the government somehow kidnaps David, not yet known as Legion, and questions him about what he did to Sydney, thinking that he killed her.

He becomes angry, and unleashes his power, killing all of the guards in the facility.

It once again become fuzzy, when Sydney is the one who rescues him. It ends with him escaping.

The show had a lot of aspects of it to distant it from the somewhat corny other superhero shows on TV. Since David is schizophrenic, it seemed like the show wanted to make it even more obvious.

The camera would switch extremely fast from scene to scene, and it would pan extremely fast across the room or environment to show a quick thinking mind.

The natural sounds would also almost be amplified, alluding to how he can hear everything, but also how he cannot control it.

It had a very unique way of showing his dreams also, with montages of creepy memories or visions, making you feel like you were in the brain of someone crazy. The show made you wonder whether or not David actually was crazy, or just unable to control his abilities. Altogether, it seems like a great show. It also did not have a ton of heroes and villains running around.

Superhero shows get carried away with making that aspect unrealistic sometimes, and it would be a shame to see Legion do that too.

Given this start, Legion is on track to be the best superhero show Marvel have released yet. It’s dynamic events and action keep the show from fading into a boring state.

The next episode of Legion airs on Feb. 15 on FX.