Review: Steven Universe

Hasan Royer, Staff Writer

Steven Universe is an animated cartoon series on Cartoon Network created by Rebecca Sugar, who has also worked on Adventure Time. Steven Universe follows a boy and his adventures from defeating monsters to dealing with regular everyday life with the Crystal Gems, a rock species from space also known simply as “Gems.” Its light and cartoony-looking animation makes it very nice to look at along with very clean backgrounds.
Steven Universe has a ranging cast of main characters, Steven (Voiced by Zach Callison) is just a light-hearted kid who just wants to help the other gems and other people, Amethyst (Voiced by Michaela Dietz) is a gem who is extremely rowdy and fun, but is also a little selfish. Pearl (Voiced by Deedee Magno) tries to act as a mother figure for Steven, being over-protective and wanting better for Steven.
Garnet (Voiced by Estelle) is a lot more mature than the other gems, and also acts as a mother figure for Steven, but is a lot more about letting Steven do his own thing.
Rose Quartz (Voiced by Susan Egan) is Steven’s deceased mother, she was always very caring to everyone, and believed that all life was precious, she unfortunately died by giving birth to Steven.
One of the most well known things about this show is it’s music, from classical to rock.
One episode, titled “Mr.Greg” is a perfect example of this, it features six songs (the most this show has in one episode) titled in order “Don’t Cost Nothing,” “Empire City,” “Mr. Greg,” “It’s Over Isn’t it,” “Both Of You,” and “Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise).”
These songs are really diverse in terms of forms of music and even touch into serious subjects such as dealing with a lost one that you loved.
Although this show is outstanding in many ways, a huge controversy in the show that turns many people off from watching it is the representation of the LGBT community in the show.
For example, the Gems themselves are genderless, but use female pronouns.
Steven Universe is a great show for the music, design, and characters and you should really check it out, it has five seasons as of right now and is still continuing in a great matter.