The Witcher Review

The first season of The Witcher aired on December 20, 2019. It’s based on “The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny,” which is a collection of short stories that contain the Witcher’s heroic achievements and adventures.

The first season shows Geralt (The Witcher), Ciri (Lion Cub of Cintra), and Yennefer, and their developments to show how their lives connect. The second season, which recently came out, shows all the different characters working together to achieve one goal.

In my opinion, the first season was a better watch because you don’t understand what’s going on until the last two episodes and when you finally get it everything starts to click. It’s filled with more adventure and action than the second season.

The second season was pretty good too, you don’t have to pay close attention to understand it. It mainly focuses on Geralt and Ciri’s journey to protect Ciri from outside forces that try to kidnap her or kill her to gain control over the continent. Ciri possesses elder blood which provides her with powers that make her the most powerful being.

Season two was less action and included more moments of Geralt and Ciri bonding. You grow to really love Geralt and understand him as an individual because of his mindset. I would recommend this show to anyone except those who do not like gory. The episodes are around 50-60 minutes each. Yes, the episodes are long, but they are easy to follow while doing other things.

Overall I would give this show a solid 8/10. It is very interesting, filled with action, drama, romance and mystery.