Euphoria season two debut breakdown

Euphoria season two debut breakdown

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Episode one:

Often regarded as the behind-the-scenes of all the “bad” kids from high school, Euphoria is on the list of HBO’s most expected and acclaimed tv shows. In its second season, and after two years, fans are finally getting the story of Fezco, an all time favorite character. We start the first episode with Fezco’s grandma going to talk to Fezco’s dad after finding Fezco with a purple eye. As the episode continues, we learn that Fezco has been helping his grandma with drugs since he was a little kid. Although Fezco’s character recognizes that helping  his grandma drugs is far from the typical grandmother’s behavior he sees this as the most anyone has ever cared for him. So as he grows up and she gets sick, he has no other option but to continue with her business. 

As we continue with the episode we begin to witness the  interaction between Lexi and Fezco. This interaction makes us wonder about their potential relationship. Would they be able to maintain a positive and healthy relationship? Or will their insecurities dictate the fate of their potential love. 

Moreover, Euphoria gives us more of our favorite characters as they continue to elaborate on past stories. As the episode continues, we start to interact with other characters. In a particular scene, we see Lexi worried about her sister Cassie, who has yet to arrive at the party.  Cassie on the other hand, finds herself stranded at a gas station where Nate Jacob finds her and offers her a ride to the party, knowing that she is in a dark place and will accept due to the events of season one and her breakup with her boyfriend Mckay. 

As we continue to see more of Cassie, many fans wonder about what’s coming next for Cassie.  Would she be able to  deal with all the feelings that come after going though an abortion in season one? More importantly, how will she tell Mckay that she had an abortion? Or, is she even going to tell him? As we can tell from Cassie’s story, regret, manipulation, preoccupation and sorrow continue to be monumental themes in the second season of Euphoria

Fans can see that this pattern is going to continue as Cassie feels regrets of sleeping with Nate at the party behind her back.

We finally are introduced to our newest character Elliot, played by Dominic Fike. Him and Rue have an interaction in a laundry room as they do drugs together leading to Rue almost going into cardiac arrest due to her mixing different types of drugs in her system.

The first episode of the show was charged with emotion and the combination of multiple scenes starring different characters  that lead to the exploration of new topics like religion. We learned that  Lexi doesn’t believe in God, but Fez does. Which attacks the audience’s preconceived notions and biases because many have admitted to believing that the drug dealer would not believe in God, and the friendly, innocent girl would, which is not the case in this rollercoaster of stories and emotions. 

As we move closer to the end of the episode, we finally see our main character Rue talking to Jules again. Jules asks the  big question that  has been eating her up: When did Rue relapse? Jules knew the answer, and although Jules hoped otherwise, she didn’t need Rue to confirm that she had relapsed after Jules’ departure. Now fans are divided on whether or not Jules is to be blamed for Rue’s relapse. Half of Euphoria’s fans say that it’s Jules fault for leaving, knowing that Rue would overlap again. But the other half claims that Rue’s sobriety is too dependent on whether Jules is there or not, which shouldn’t be the case because Jules also has a life that shouldn’t be centered about Rue’s ability to stay clean if she is not around.

Finally, the episode hits its climax, which develops with the New Year’s countdown. Once the countdown hits zero, we see characters kissing, including Jules and Rue, and celebrating. But, of course, this brings even more questions on how Jules and Rue will work out this season.

As everyone is celebrating, Fezco heads to the bar to talk to Nate. They have a ten second conversation before Nate asks, “The last time we talked, didn’t you say you wanted to kill me?” to which Fezco replies with, “Yeah, well… It’s a new year, playboy,” Fezco proceeds to smack him in the head with a bottle of beer and beat him up until someone tells him to stop. This little scenario brings back the moment when the grandma told Fezco that violence sometimes solves things. Fezco punching Nate shows that even though his grandma hasn’t been in his life for a while, her memory is still part of him somewhere in his mind. Just like this, we conclude the start of Euphoria’s second season debut.