Euphoria episode two breakdown


It’s official! Euphoria’s premiere had been classified as the best in the history of HBO Max. The show continues to attract new spectators as it raises to the climax and elaborates on our favorite stories. As Euphoria’s trauma continues to develop, every episode promises to be better than the one before. After an intense opening, we start the second episode with Nate in a hospital bed after being beaten up by Fezco. As Nate is going in and out of consciousness, viewers see as he has fantasized about a life with Cassey. Her being pregnant, them actually having a healthy relationship, and even his dad being in their life. However, to the viewers’ surprise, hidden behind our character’s beautiful fantasy are quick flashes of Maddy and Jules. Does this mean that Nate has feelings for them both?

Moreover, as Rue and Jules’ relationship continues to advance, they’re finally back together in school, after winter break. In a particular scene, Rue and Jules are in the hallways, and Rue sees Elliot. She physically panics because Jules doesn’t know that she and Elliot have been doing drugs together for a couple of days now. Things get awkward once Elliot finally gets to Rue and Jules, Jules decides to leave. As she leaves, we see her go to the bathroom upset because she assumes something is going on between Rue and Elliot.

To see Jules and Rue together makes us fans wonder about many things. What will happen when Jules finds out that Rue is doing drugs behind her back? How is Rue getting to have both Jules and the drugs going to affect her character? Will this finally be the season where Jules puts an end to her relationship with Rue? If so, how will this affect Jules? Will she go out of town again? How will this affect Rue? Would this be the final strand of her relapse, and she overdoses for good?

While being in the hospital, Nate texts Maddy how much he loves her and misses her. Unfortunately, this level of manipulation is messing with Maddy’s mind. It makes her think she wants to get back with Nate even though it didn’t end up in the best circumstances the last time they were together.

Nate not texting/replying to Cassie’s messages and calls, makes her rethink what she did with Nate. As Cassie continues to battle her mind between good and bad, Maddy interrupts her thoughts with a call. The realization that Maddy wants to get back together with Nate makes Cassie’s guilt of sleeping with Nate bigger, making her stop the call.

After this, we have our first in-depth scene of Kat in season two. She’s struggling with her feelings for Ethan. Although Ethan and she are in a very healthy relationship, her fantasies and desires seem to be stronger than her relationship. We see her imagination come out when Ethan has to use the bathroom. When Ethan comes out of the bathroom, we see Kat imagining a barbarian killing him and telling Kat that he’s the only one for her. This scene was unique to some fans because it could be considered a replica to a scene from Game of Thrones.

As the episode continues, Nate’s dad, Cal, asks Nate who was the person that beat him up. Before Nate’s refusal to give his father a name, Cal decides to go to Cassie and Lexi’s house and ask who the person is. Soon after receiving the same answer he got from Nate from Cassie and Lexi, Cal starts threatening to call the police to get them involved to make an official investigation. Cassie knows that if the police get involved, they’re going to find out about what Nate and her did that night. Sick of worry, Cassie confesses that Fezco was responsible for what happened to Nate. This makes Lexi angry while forcing the fans to reflect on the situation. Although what Fezco did was unacceptable, we all can agree that Nate isn’t an angel either. Cassie chooses to warn Fezco about Cal’s possible next moves.

As we take a break from Cal, we are directed to Elliots house where he and Rue are doing drugs. Elliot states that maybe, Rue and him meeting wasn’t the best thing to show their authentic side. As Rue and Elliot talk, the episode splits from Jules ‘ perspective. Her dad asks her if maybe having Rue again isn’t the best influence due to her leaving town in season one. She states that it wasn’t Rue who left but her at the end of the day.

Moreover, we go back to Kat and witness her deal with her physical insecurities. Every content creator always posts on how to love yourself and be happy with who you are, but for Kat, videos aren’t working. She imagines many content creators surrendering her and yelling at her to love herself, which causes her to have a mental breakdown and finally get out of bed. This scene is an exciting plot line for Kat’s character this season. We know she has to work on many things like self-love and how she will tell Ethan that even though there’s nothing wrong with him, she doesn’t love him anymore.

Moving on, as Rue goes to her recovery group, she sees Cassie enter Nate’s car. She starts to wonder why Cassie is going inside Nate’s car. We see as Maddy calls Nate, but he doesn’t answer the phone, she then calls Cassie, and she also doesn’t pick up.

In the span of five minutes, we see Cassie and Nate driving to this unknown place.
As viewers keep their anticipation high trying to know what’s going to happen next with Cassey and Nate, we cut to a scene of Elliot and his sister. In this scene Elliot’s sister asks about who Rue is. He introduces her as just a friend. Elliotñs sister gets curious as she realizes that Elliot has never brought a friend home before. Him not inviting other people, but his inviting Rue opens the big question of; Does Elliot have romantic feelings for Rue?

We then go back to Cassie and Nate as they finally get to their destination, and Nate starts telling Cassie that what they did was a mistake and it can’t happen again. Fans start wondering why Nate is saying this since it contracts everything we saw in his mind at the beginning of the episode.

Taking a break from them, we go back to Lexi, going into the gas station Fezco works. In the mirror of the gas station, she sees Cal getting out of his car to go inside. The tension in the air is high as Cal gets inside the gas station before Lexi gets the chance to tell Fezco. As Cal goes through the gas station pretending to get stuff, Lexi and Fez start to follow him with their eyes. Once Cal is ready to pay, he starts asking personal questions about Fez. Fez asks if he asks this many questions every single time he’s at a gas station. Cal puts his hand in his sweater, and the tension increases because we hear the sound of a gun.We see AshTray in the background listening to this and preparing his weapon in case he has to use it. Cal takes out his hand from his jacket, takes out a 20 dollar bill, and continues to say he is just a concerned father.

Finally, with only 20 minutes left of the episode, we go back to Cassie and Nate. Cassie leaves the car after Nate’s confession. Cassie starts to run away from Nate, Nate follows, and once he catches her, they start making out, which confuses cassie since he just said what they did was a mistake.

As the episode continues and we see Rue getting out of her meeting, we see Ali again for the first time in season two. He offers Rue a ride back home since it’s late. Once they get to Rue’s house, Ali offers to take her inside because if he were a mother and saw his 17-year-old daughter getting a ride from an ex-druggie, he would be alarmed. They enter Rue’s house, and Ali has a five-minute conversation with Rue’s mom, Leslie. Leslie asks how Rue is doing. Even though Ali knows that she has relapsed and is using again, he doesn’t mention it and instead says that he doesn’t know if that was a question or statement.

To wrap up the episode, we go back to Cal. He enters Nate’s room to ask why a punk drug dealer beat him up. Nate proceeds to say that he did it because Rue, Jules and Fezco keep threatening to go out to the police station to accuse Cal of having sex with Jules, a minor. Cal then says that he didn’t know she went to Nate’s school or her age. Nate replies, “What she didn’t know was that you were recording her” Cal internally freaks out and asks if Nate has the video clip and the episode ends. Many fans of the show found this episode really interesting, because even though this was just a filler episode it created many new ways the characters storylines could go!