Review: Daddy’s Home 2

Lina Al Taii, Entertainment Editor

On Nov. 10, 2017, Director Sean Anders and Producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy and John Morris released the second installment of the Daddy’s Home series.
The movie features Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Alessandra Ambrosio and Linda Cardellini. All of these stars work well together and have a great chemistry, which lends itself to the portrayal of the movie.
The first installment of this series released in 2015. Three years later, the second one is just as hilarious and entertaining as the first one was.
This movie follows Brad and Dusty, who are co-dads. At the beginning, their relationship may be confusing to those who haven’t seen the first installment of this series.
Brad is married to Dusty’s ex-wife, and is a step-father to her children with Dusty. Dusty is now also together with a new girlfriend, and is a step-father figure to her daughter. However, they are not the only fathers in the story.
As the title suggests, Brad and Dusty’s fathers end up coming home for Christmas, unexpectedly. The movie highlights the juxtaposition between Brad and his father’s overly close and loving relationship, and Dusty and his father’s very passive aggressive relationship.
To celebrate Christmas, Brad, Dusty, their fathers, and their families go on a holiday getaway. From the very beginning, this movie reflects typical life in 2017 by portraying the children with phones, and highlighting that they stay in an AirBnb during this vacation.
Brad and Dusty’s co-dad relationship is the main focus of the movie, because Dusty’s dad makes fun of it and challenges them to keep it up for the entire vacation. As time passes, their true feelings towards each other come out and they start holding grudges towards each other.
However, this movie is not only hilarious, it’s also a great movie to bring families together. Much like most Christmas movies, the end of this movie shows the community coming together and celebrating Christmas, even when it feels like their Christmas is ruined.
Although it is cheesy, it works because it ends the movie with Holiday cheer and shows the importance of family.