Fortnite mobile

Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

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Fortnite mobile is now officially available to be downloaded by anyone on the app store. Fortnite is exclusively for iPhone users at the moment. This is a huge move for Fortnite, considering its large popularity on console and PC. Students used to go home and play Fortnite, but now it is much more convenient to play on the go. This is what makes the mobile version so fun, because you can play during school.
W4 is the perfect place to catch up on your levels and tiers, or play with your friends who also have the game. “I’ve won a couple games on mobile. It’s easier to play and is the only thing to do in W4.” junior Kevin Cardozo said. A downside of the mobile version is how your wins don’t transfer to your console or PC. Another downside is the amount of space it takes up on your phone. Considering it is free and fun, it is definitely worth the download.