New student rapper


JuicyJad has shocked AHS with his new hit single “Duckin Sirens.” He is only a junior, but he started making music this past summer with a few of his friends. He believed that after freestyling and hearing what he could do, he could make music and earn profit off of it. “I chose to put my music on SoundCloud because I wanted to make money,” Jad said. “ I became a SoundCloud rapper about 2-3 months ago. I balance my school work and rap by writing my lyrics after my homework is finished at night.”
Jad claims that more music is on the way and he’s working hard to make his way to the top. He wants to be able to perform here at Annandale, but his music is explicit which could interfere with that.
Jad claims his group of friends and him stay around Little River Turnpike abbreviating it by using LRT. He refers to this in his lyrics. “I check with my brothers LRT on the map with the goons.”
This song refers to staying out of trouble with his friends while having fun, even though this is indeed a hard thing to do in today’s society. With gun violence and police brutality on the rise, Jad influences his fans to do the right thing, because you never know if you’ll be the victim of violence.
Jad also has another song that he uploaded earlier in the year named “Everything Must Go.” Although this song’s views and likes are not as high as his other song, it still is considered a hit here at school. In this song he speaks on his love for cars and foreign women. He addresses gun violence again in this piece, meaning he must have a strong concern for our society and on controversial issues like gun violence.
JuicyJad’s music is explicit, but is worth the listen. You can listen to him on Soundcloud for free.
Keep your eyes on rapper “JuicyJad”, as he could one day make it big time. His music is very appealing to some folks and addresses teenage life and real world issues. He is the future of rap ladies and gentleman.