BoutPaper Media takes over AHS

Insaf Bouzana, Staff Writer

A group of students at AHS decided to create a YouTube channel named BoutPaper Media.

The group consists of two members: juniors Mohamed Omer and Ramy Osman.

Their content is targeted towards other teens who might need some humor in their life.

“Growing up, people always told us, ‘you guys are hilarious,'” Omer said. “That’s where the idea to begin a YouTube channel started.”

 They started their channel about three months ago.

Their videos are a mix of vlogs, challenges, and social experiments.

The process of making videos starts with inspiration from themselves and their surroundings.

Editing also plays a big role in creating their videos.

The editing process takes about an hour to complete to make sure their content is the best it can possibly be.

Their videos have also made quite the impact on other students. Many are very supportive of them and promote their videos and channel on social media often. 

“BoutPaper Media is very entertaining, they are slowly growing and gaining more and more fans,” Junior Lara Dib said. “It’s amazing how just two ordinary teens can put their minds to something and ignore all of the hate and push through everything.”

Omer and Osman’s hope is to gain many more subscribers and an immense amount of success in the near future.

“We are nowhere near where we want to be at, and there is still a lot more we can do,” Osman said. “I believe that our success has come a long way and is growing rapidly.”